Touchscreen Laternen- überwachungLight Control System

Touchscreen Light control

Navigation Light – Signal Automat, Monitoring and Control System

  • Extremely flexible and easy to use
  • Suitable for all types of lamps (LED, incandescent, halogen,neon, etc.) or other electrical load < 2A
  • Operating voltage: 12 / 24V DC, 115 / 230 VAC
  • Power supply: 24 VDC
  • Measuring range: 1 mA – 1024 mA
  • Approval: MED , GL (Germanischer Lloyd)
  • All environmental tests according to the EN60945
  • Maximum output: 64 circuits – Subsequent extension of < 64 outputs at any time
  • Free programming of pages (main lights, spare lighting, etc.)
  • Free programming of groups (Suez Canal, Panama Canal, Anchoring, etc.)
  • Free programming of silhouette (also pictured possible) and positions of the electrical equipment
  • Easy replacement of defective parts, without special programming
  • 24 -hour online service via Teamviewer. Service stations: Singapore, Hamburg, Vancouver
  • All components can be mounted away from the bridge. Only one
  • Ethernet connection to the monitor is necessary.
  • Mode with multiple monitors is possible (double-ended ferries, marine applications)
  • All languages are possible via separate text files
  • Integrated Signal Automat according to the COLREGs 1972
  • Connection to the VDR
  • Integrated Optical and Visual Alarm


  • Interface to the VDR also IEC 61162-450
  • additional alarm management via serial interface.

Minimum configuration

TFT Monitor

Touchscreen - 13,3" - TFT

Manufactor: Hatteland
IntelNM10 Atom 1.66GHz 1GBRAM
24V - 400 cd/m² - 1280x800
according to EN60945

Control Unit

Control Unit for Navigation Light Panel

type: PB-NLCP
for maximum 8 Basis Measuring Modules
12/24/115/230 Volt
inclusive Software licence

Basis Measuring Unit

Basis Measuring Module for Navigation Light Panel

type: PB-MM-Basis
12/24/115/230 Volt
for maximum 8 single lanterns
LED or conventional version

Connection Cable

Basis Measuring Module / Control Unit
L = 2 m

Measuring Cards

Measuring Card - 10-30V for Navigation Light Panel

type: PB-MM
10-30 Volt
for 2 single lanterns
LED or conventional version

Measuring Card - 115/230V for Navigation Light Panel

type: PB-MM
115/230 Volt
for 2 single lanterns
LED or conventional version

Flyer Download


Navigation Light - Signal Automat
Monitoring and Control System
Touch Screen Version

1.3 M

Distribution & Contact

Schnackenburgallee 151
DE-22525 Hamburg

Tel +49-40-547600-0
Fax +49-40-547600-76
Mail: mail(at)

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