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24 Port full managed marine Carrier Ethernet-Switch

Neu! Der erste Marine Netzwerk Switch für den neuen Standard IEC 61162-460 (safety and security). Verfügbar ab 03/2016.


  • 2 x galvanic isolated power supply 24V DC
  • 24 Ethernet Ports 1 GB
  • 2 x SFP Port (module can be ordered optional)
  • 1 x relays (NO/NC)
  • 2 x digital input
  • 19'' rack mounting


  • IEC 60945
  • DNV/GL - Baumusterprüfbescheinigung [pdf]
  • Ready for new standard IEC 61162-460 (safety and security, Part switch)
  • 460-gateway, forwarder features planned 2016
  • Extendible with Power over Ethernet


  • webbased management
  • serial interface console

    Layer 2 Switching

    • Push/pop up to two VLAN tags
    • Policing with storm control and MC/BC protection
    • RSTP and MSTP support
    • Hardware and software-based learning
    • Link aggregation (IEEE 802.3ad)
    • Shared memory buffer with per-port and CoS memory
    • 8 priorities and 8 CoS queues per port with strict or Multistage TCAM engine
    • PerfectReach power management and VeriPHY™
    • 802.1Q VLAN switch with 8K MACs and 4K VLANs
    • IPv4/IPv6 multicast
    • Independent and shared VLAN learning (IVL, SVL)
    • Jumbo frame support
    • Audio and video bridging (AVB)
    • Round robin scheduling: VID, MAC/IP addresses, IPv4/IPv6 DSCP, and UDP/TCP ports and ranges, both ingress and egress directions control
    • Carrier Ethernet Features
    • Provider Bridging (PB)
    • MEF E-Lane, E-Line, and E-Tree services

    Layer 3 - Routing and Firewall (planned in  2016)


      • Eight QoS queues per port with strict or deficitweighted
      • QoS classification based on IEEE 802.1p, EtherType, Data rate shaper and policer per-queue, per-port for
      • Full-duplex flow control (IEEE 802.3x) and halfduplex
      • Backpressure, symmetric and asymmetric
      • Multicast and broadcast storm control with flooding
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      Neu! Der erste Marine Netzwerk Switch für den neuen Standard IEC 61162-460 (safety and security)....

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