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Not more available.

Buffer / Multiplexer / Converter

Most recently launched product NMEA data converter

  • NMEA 0183 connections can be set up either as entry or as exit
  • multiplexer and buffer/converter united in one device
  • speed of all NMEA interfaces is adjustable : from 1.200 Baud to 115.200 Baud
  • can be fully configured with the help of the accompanying PC software
  • inputs and outputs are galvanically isolated
  • intelligent data management helps to avoid data errors
  • 12 V voltage
  • data logging (such as recording your holiday sailing trip)
  • data filter dynamically adjustable for high performance
  • robust casing
  • superior quality (completely made in Germany)



magicplex 8 - Version for the recreational boating

15. April 2016 17:32

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27. January 2016 10:50


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10. March 2014 09:06

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